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{sometimes it all falls apart}

yep. sometimes it all falls apart and there is nothing left to do but give in.

the house is a mess.

i have things i have to get done tomorrow and it all starts early.

last night was more of a nap than a night of sleep, making today hard.

today was long. there was some fun connecting time with friends {and a surprised iced mocha treat} that i loved. but it was still just a long day. i don’t even have the energy to type properly {so all lowercase letters it is}!

tonight was long too. homework didn’t get done. cereal was eaten for dinner {outside on a picnic table}. you see the dining room table is currently under siege…my craft supplies have a habit of attacking our home from time to time}. the couch is having its own battle with clean laundry that needs to be folded. the coffee table already lost the battle since folded laundry has now been sitting on it for two days. lets just say the dishes won long ago so we won’t talk about those.

and as for the kids i just wanted them to go to bed. is it just us or does it seem like when you want them to go down the most they have the hardest time falling asleep. blake put up a good fight but is finally asleep. sweet, night-owl, restless paige is finally asleep {in our bed at the moment}. grant drifted off easiest {he tends to go with the flow except for when he is not going with the flow and then i’m really stumped}.

ahhh. can you hear that? it’s my brain trying to rest.


i made a lot of mistakes today.

i didn’t want to be a fire wife tonight…doing this alone. i yelled more than i would like to admit. and i disliked the fact that i was eating my dinner at 8 PM and feeding blake again and trying to convince paige that getting out of bed again would yield terrible consequences. but then i didn’t have the energy to come up with terrible consequences so she landed in my bed so i could just get some peace. and then i didn’t like that i caved. but i did because selfishly i just wanted a minute to be alone.

i realize that even though so many things needed to be done today it’s okay to let it go.

i have to give into the chaos, take care of my babes and head to bed.


after i print a few things and post this and check my phone one more time i will head to bed.

fingers crossed.

here’s hoping “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it…yet” as my beloved Anne & Miss Stacy would say.



…and while we are on the subject of BLAKE…

I know…I know. All I can talk about and blog about is BLAKE…but he is just so perfect that I cannot help myself. When he was just a week old I had the pleasure of hiring my friend Jessica for a photo shoot of the kids. She is a local photographer who takes amazing care and time getting just the right shot. She truly captured the sweetness of our sweet boy and the two big kids. Jess & I have known each other since we were good ol’ high school kids and now we are both part of MOPS…raising our own babies! Check out her blog and these stunning photos at J.Swenson Photography! You will be amazed at how she has captured so many beautiful little faces! I hope it inspires and delights you! Enjoy!


PanfilioFINAL-23 PanfilioFINAL-20 PanfilioFINAL-18   PanfilioFINAL-11 PanfilioFINAL-8 PanfilioFINAL-7  PanfilioFINAL-4 PanfilioFINAL-2 PanfilioFINAL-1 PanfilioFINAL-9


it doesn’t get any better than this {BLAKE scott’s arrival}

The story of Blake’s arrival…

We have been in baby heaven around here for the past few weeks! My life feels full and beautiful and I just keep thinking “It doesn’t get any better than this?”  We went into the hospital with a few names still on the table, excited hearts and we came home with a sweet baby boy! Blake’s birth was miraculous in many ways. I was so ready to meet him. I was so over being pregnant and miserable. When the doctor wanted to induce on Wednesday {just a few days before my due date} I was thrilled. The induction began in the afternoon and he arrived just after 1 AM. Aaron got to aid in pulling little Blake into the world and aunt Fifi got some great shots of the delivery {because he was face up she laughs about seeing his little eyes and big ol’ lips first as she was taking pictures}. His delivery was wild. At one point they were considering a c-section because his heart rate was showing distress. I had to stay very calm and just trust that the Lord would take care of him. There were a few points during the process where the nurses and doctors looked very nervous…but God gave me a peace that everything would be okay. I went from 7 CM dilated to active pushing in about 10 or 20 minutes. I was begging the nurses to let me push {in my head I was wondering why it hurt so badly and every time I pushed my epidural button it did not seem to work}. When they finally let me push it took less than a dozen pushes {I felt stronger and more efficient with each push}. He came out facing up…this was incredible painful. Later that night we discovered that the reason I was not getting relief from my epidural is that it had accidentally been shut off for a few hours. We think that when they were prepping me for the potential c-section someone capped off the epidural line…and forgot to reconnect it. Bummer for me…I felt most of the pain of the labor…but I’m glad I had that experience because I never would have had to guts to try to do it naturally on my own. The other crazy part is that when he finally came all the way out they discovered a knot in his umbilical cord that could have caused him major distress and can even lead to infant fatalities (that is why his heart rate was dipping throughout the night). We had great nurses and midwives and I got a single recovery room (hallelujah)! The kids were adorable meeting their brother and wore their “big sister”/”big brother” badges very proudly. I’m so thankful for their joy and love of Blake. All in all it was a great experience {despite the very crazy night of events} and our hearts are full of gratitude for a healthy boy!

Aaron captured our experience through these amazing pictures.

He has such a great eye for photography and I truly love all of the way he captured the hours before and after Blake made us a family of 5 {that’s why there are so many posted here}.  Enjoy!

BLAKE_0007BLAKE induction sepia 100010570103_705870429479348_1234747119_nBLAKE_0027sepiaBLAKE_0017freshBLAKE_0044 BLAKE_0033 BLAKE_0037BLAKE_00321000

BLAKE_0038 BLAKE_00491000BLAKE_0040sepia  BLAKE_00421000 BLAKE_00411000

BLAKE_0050BLAKE_0052 secure


BLAKE_0057kidsBLAKE_0069sepia BLAKE_0084sepia BLAKE_0090loveBLAKE_0082  BLAKE overhead 1000BLAKE_0063BLAKE new toys 1000




BLAKE_0086sepiaBLAKE_0059BLAKE_0110 fifi

BLAKE_0103sepiaBLAKE_0111 BLAKE_0117 BLAKE_0112


BLAKE_0139 BLAKE_0134BLAKE_0137sepia



what we’ve been up to {an instaDUMP} and May’s belated {ten on ten}

So here are some of the things we’ve been up to over the last month {but let’s get one thing out of the way first}…

::pregnancy has been rough::

So it has been kind of weird around here. We have been in survival mode. Pregnancy is really hard on my body and my energy level. It’s taking its toll on me and everyone around here. I recently got the news that I have gestational diabetes {something that requires a lot of energy to take care of} and have zero extra to give beyond the basic necessities of life {eat, school, church, a few extras, sleep…repeat} I have not been able to do much more. I’m also just tired from not really sleeping well at night…so there’s that! And now I’m having contractions constantly. I wish I could describe my gratitude for my husband and family for helping us all get through this. They deserve a medal, or a million dollars, or a trip to Disneyland or something. I saw a shirt the other day that should be purchased for Aaron because it said “BE NICE TO ME…my wife is pregnant” {so, so true}. He is a good man!


If you follow me on Instagram {username: everydayVALENTINE} you have an idea! So let’s just call this an instaDUMP and then some!

may update

::sweet kids::

My sweet kids have had to be troopers. They are watching a lot of TV and doing their share of chores to keep things moving along. They have to get themselves dressed, make their own snacks and deal with a very impatient/sleep deprived mommy! So thankful this is just a season and I love how excited they are for the baby to arrive!

927296_1495313054015463_745266541_nGrant finished up preschool last week and go the Joyful award from his teacher. Love this boy. He also got a cool new hair cut and continues to be obsessed with his Legos, belly buttons and being a goofball! Besides his occasional meltdowns, pushing boundaries and being pretty sensitive these days he is my buddy and seems to rarely leave my side. It’s safe to say he has felt the baby kick more than anyone else because he is always with me!

 Paige is loving kindergarten and cracking us up all the time. She is growing up to be a special little lady. Open house was a weird night as she had a small meltdown over the baby picture I chose for her classes “guess that baby” board {I thought the picture was cute…but what do I know?!}. It set off the night and took some deep breaths and distractions to recover. At least her meltdowns are very rare these days!10375779_577606982358018_788545541_n 10401753_682700671765874_1470018475_n

::in other news::

I’m still nesting. Washing baby clothes and preparing for baby boy’s arrival. While lying around I have shopped online a lot for the babies room and our room {as we are switching them and re-decorating a bit}. Aaron is doing his best to help get these rooms switched for me on his days off {when he is not taking care of everything else}. I’m still quite the pack-rat and have had to dig dip to get rid of more of my stuff. It’s not easy to squeeze everyone & everything in this tiny home. As I sort, toss and give-away I hear the advice of Peter Walsh and all the other organizing geniuses I have read-up on in my head…but it’s just hard for me to figure out what to keep and what to toss. I need help! Pray for me {and my husband}. Let’s just hope hoarding is not in my future!

Easter was great!

My buddy turned 5…what?

I attended {and helped decorate} a women’s conference {entitled Rekindle} at our church with the loveliest speaker a few weeks back. Her name is Jan Johnson and she was vulnerable, honest, disarming and had so much wisdom to share. She loves to talk about authentic spirituality, practicing the presence of God and allowing the Lord to be present and on our heart and mind through the daily & mundane activities of life. If you ever get the chance to read her books or hear her speak I would highly recommend you do!

Hobby Lobby opened in the town next door…I’m a happy crafter…this is big news!

Oh and my sister and I are taking a sewing class…so that’s fun!

Mother’s day was low-key and nice. I spent the weekend with my mom and the kids while Aaron was out-of-town {and my siblings joined us Sunday afternoon for a low-key get-together}. The kids had some hysterical perspectives on their mama {see below} and got/made me some sweet gifts.

929087_549007081882549_1203640202_n 10261164_1432127817038012_1818874300_n

Aaron was out-of-town because he got to celebrate my very talented sister-in-law Shannon as she graduated with her doctorate in education. Very proud of her and glad he could be there with his sister and family to celebrate. We have a Dr. in the family now! Woohoo!

Our MOPS year ended with a pamper day for the ladies of our group. It was fabulous! Relaxing and fun and full of most women’s favorite things. Shopping, good conversation, breakfast, massage treatments, nail polish and beauty treatments…it was just great. I decided to use some birthday money to buy this gorgeous blue agate necklace from the talented k.lynn bayne jewelry and I have hardly taken it off since.

And let’s not forget {ten on ten} again.

So I actually took some fun photos on the tenth this month. I love documenting our life this way and looking for beauty in the mundane. I did not, however, post them or link up with a bit of sunshine because life just got away. Here are  very belated pictures!

::ten on ten::

DSC_0027 DSC_0041 DSC_0076 DSC_0069DSC_0092DSC_0080 DSC_0101 DSC_0104DSC_0112DSC_0115Pregnancy is not easy…but I love feeling this active little boy kick and looking forward to the day when we will meet him face to face.


ten on ten {april 2014}

So last week it was time for 10 on 10 {a chance to take ten pictures of beautiful things in my everyday life, on the tenth of the month} and unfortunately it was such a busy day that I didn’t even know it was the 10th until about 9:30 PM when I sat down to work on my computer. So I took my ten pictures on the 11th instead. You can forgive that, right? It was also a busy day but allowed me to capture many of the fun, small, divine little parts of my life.

So here is my 10 on the 11th!

DSC_0176 DSC_0204 DSC_0216 DSC_0241 DSC_0256DSC_0257 DSC_0341 DSC_0429 DSC_0455DSC_0366coffee/co-op preschool snack time/preschool craft/my wildflower pics a wildflower/grant refuses to take off daddy’s recently found superman belt from the 80’s/lemon love on the way/antique bunnies/new beautiful ring from my love/a touch of sunflower/pretty Easter egg prep

ten on ten button



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