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it doesn’t get any better than this {BLAKE scott’s arrival}

The story of Blake’s arrival…

We have been in baby heaven around here for the past few weeks! My life feels full and beautiful and I just keep thinking “It doesn’t get any better than this?”  We went into the hospital with a few names still on the table, excited hearts and we came home with a sweet baby boy! Blake’s birth was miraculous in many ways. I was so ready to meet him. I was so over being pregnant and miserable. When the doctor wanted to induce on Wednesday {just a few days before my due date} I was thrilled. The induction began in the afternoon and he arrived just after 1 AM. Aaron got to aid in pulling little Blake into the world and aunt Fifi got some great shots of the delivery {because he was face up she laughs about seeing his little eyes and big ol’ lips first as she was taking pictures}. His delivery was wild. At one point they were considering a c-section because his heart rate was showing distress. I had to stay very calm and just trust that the Lord would take care of him. There were a few points during the process where the nurses and doctors looked very nervous…but God gave me a peace that everything would be okay. I went from 7 CM dilated to active pushing in about 10 or 20 minutes. I was begging the nurses to let me push {in my head I was wondering why it hurt so badly and every time I pushed my epidural button it did not seem to work}. When they finally let me push it took less than a dozen pushes {I felt stronger and more efficient with each push}. He came out facing up…this was incredible painful. Later that night we discovered that the reason I was not getting relief from my epidural is that it had accidentally been shut off for a few hours. We think that when they were prepping me for the potential c-section someone capped off the epidural line…and forgot to reconnect it. Bummer for me…I felt most of the pain of the labor…but I’m glad I had that experience because I never would have had to guts to try to do it naturally on my own. The other crazy part is that when he finally came all the way out they discovered a knot in his umbilical cord that could have caused him major distress and can even lead to infant fatalities (that is why his heart rate was dipping throughout the night). We had great nurses and midwives and I got a single recovery room (hallelujah)! The kids were adorable meeting their brother and wore their “big sister”/”big brother” badges very proudly. I’m so thankful for their joy and love of Blake. All in all it was a great experience {despite the very crazy night of events} and our hearts are full of gratitude for a healthy boy!

Aaron captured our experience through these amazing pictures.

He has such a great eye for photography and I truly love all of the way he captured the hours before and after Blake made us a family of 5 {that’s why there are so many posted here}.  Enjoy!

BLAKE_0007BLAKE induction sepia 100010570103_705870429479348_1234747119_nBLAKE_0027sepiaBLAKE_0017freshBLAKE_0044 BLAKE_0033 BLAKE_0037BLAKE_00321000

BLAKE_0038 BLAKE_00491000BLAKE_0040sepia  BLAKE_00421000 BLAKE_00411000

BLAKE_0050BLAKE_0052 secure


BLAKE_0057kidsBLAKE_0069sepia BLAKE_0084sepia BLAKE_0090loveBLAKE_0082  BLAKE overhead 1000BLAKE_0063BLAKE new toys 1000




BLAKE_0086sepiaBLAKE_0059BLAKE_0110 fifi

BLAKE_0103sepiaBLAKE_0111 BLAKE_0117 BLAKE_0112


BLAKE_0139 BLAKE_0134BLAKE_0137sepia



{a new year & a life plan}

Dear Life,

Today I celebrate a new year…we have made it through the first year of my dad’s death. Today’s a new chance to move through the hard days with the knowledge that I got through a year…so I can get through the next. I hope I can find a little more joy this year and seek to not take you for granted for one second. Sometimes you are too much for me. I love my LIFE and I love how it has gone so far but I wonder how well I’m doing with you. Most days I want to seek a more meaningful LIFE, but I don’t know where to start to improve it. Should I start with trying to focus on my health or increasing my prayer life? Is it more important to focus on being there for my husband and/or my kids? Or wait…what about my neighbors, my friends, my extended family and the ministries I’m involved in…where do they find a place in my LIFE? My “word” for 2013 has been {FOCUS} because try as I may I cannot seem to stick to one task for more than a few minutes at a time. I don’t even watch TV without another device in my hands. Ahhh. Sometimes I just want to unplug, reset and figure out how to {FOCUS} on you…but how do I do that? Do you understand? You are my LIFE after all…so hopefully you have seen a lot and you know me pretty well. I need a new plan. I’m starting to think about my “word” for 2014 and I want to continue to {FOCUS} but I need to do more {or maybe I need to do less}. I stumbled upon THIS blog post {by Ann Voskamp} last year. If you want to read all about it please be sure to scroll down to the numbered explanation. It is a great way for me to look at you dear LIFE as I know that you are precious and with God’s help I can figure more of you out. I love the way Ann teaches us to find rhythms in our days, to memorize God’s word, to count gifts. I loved her book One Thousand Gifts {and while it’s not for everyone, it was life changing for me}. This post of hers is brilliant and I just love it. I don’t have all the answers yet…but hang in there with me while I try to figure it out this LIFE here on earth…would you? Happy New Year!

Sincerely {and happily},


31 days (250)

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