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there she goes

this paigey girl of mine is always on the run. and she is fast. she is in a hurry all.of.the.time!
and she is not just in a hurry to get somewhere or play with her friends or finish her chores…she is in a hurry in life to grow up too fast.
i keep telling her to just stop growing up so fast…but she laughs and tells me that she cannot stay little…that she has to grow-up! and she is right.
why do the years goes so quick, i often ask myself?
it’s not easy watching my baby head towards 6…towards kindergarten…towards make-up and boys and trouble with friends and all the difficult choices that lay ahead for my little girl.
i guess it also means maturing and learning and making kind & good choices and becoming a woman after God’s own heart and being my sweet little companion and friend in the years ahead.
those are my prayers and hopes for her.
so I guess it’s not all bad now is it.
maybe if i get all this off my chest now it won’t be so difficult in August on her first day of kindergarten.
sniffle again.
yeah right…a mommy can dream!

just yesterday she was ONE

My little girl turns 5 today and I can hardly believe it.

On her first birthday we lived in Fresno, had been in our first house for a year, and had made a few wonderful friends from our church.  I was recently pregnant with Grant, very sick all day and tired…but I managed to throw together a simple little party for our new friends, lots of old friends and even our dear family members who lived all over the state and even further.  In all there were around 50 people there and it really was a lovely day.

Friends and family brought food and helped me put together the few decorations I had made.  At the last-minute they frosted cupcakes for us and made ice runs to the store.  We were lucky to have such support and love!  What a great day it was and how far our little girl has come.  I love you Paige…you are a lucky girl to have so many loved ones in your life. And so are we!

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