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April {ten on ten}

Finally getting around to posting this months {ten on ten} because it was such a fun day with my little Buddy! I had a ton of things to do {including getting Grant’s hair cut} and he was my side kick. This starts around 11 AM and goes on up through the day {with an hour left out in the evening when we went to FroYo with Aunt Fifi}. This month is brought to you by my little Man…enjoy him and all his cuteness!
 drawing robots with daddy
grant’s lunch with some of his favorite things:
Salami {pronounced so-yummy} & Cucumbers {pronounced cuce’s}
 getting a big boy haircut at the salon
 my handsome boy
 hanging with mommy at target {he wanted to go sit in the circle}
 tossing coins in a wishing pond
 too much fun running around makes for a sleepy boy
 refueling before dinner & froYo
 this bath brought to you by aunt Fifi while I packed for our upcoming trip
{she’s the best}
 good night toys…see you again tomorrow
ten on ten button

our little BUBBA is growing up so fast

It’s hard to describe how strange it feels to think of my little guy as being 3 years old! His quick arrival into our lives feels like yesterday! So much has changed for our family in these past three years and I’m thankful our silly little man has been here making us laugh through all of it. Grant is fun, stubborn, tidy, wild, musical, silly and ALL BOY in most ways. If you know him well you know that he is fiercely devoted to Buzz, Lightning McQueen and his big sister. He affectionately loves his mommy and always has fun being Daddy’s buddy! Happy Birthday Grant! Thanks for being such a cool little dude! We love you!

(P.S. happy earth day…hope you are thinking “green” thoughts today!)

somedays I can just see it…

you know…that glimpse of what she will be like at 16?
I know you see it in your kids…right?
Last year I took this when she was only 3. She was totally annoyed that I was bugging her while she was looking at her magazine…so funny!
Just had to share!

way too cute & growing up too fast

Our kids are growing too fast.  I look at these pictures from a year ago and I cannot believe how much they have changed.  I think it can be funny how we cannot wait for them to grow out of certain stages but then when they do we look back and feel like the years and months are slipping out of our hands. Or at least that is how I feel. Do you know what I mean? Here they are in the past few months (below). They are kind and loving to each other (most of the time) and they almost always have fun together. I have so much to be thankful for!Right here and right now!

…love these little lovelies so much…

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