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happy, happy anniversary to my favorite guy…

It’s hard to believe that our wedding day was 11 years ago tomorrow…so thankful for my man. I’m thankful for all of the ups and all of the downs that have made us who we are today. Looking forward to more ups {than downs} in the years to come! Here are several of my favorite pictures of our wedding ceremony and reception…there are a few things I would change about that day…but for the most part it was perfect! There is something so great about having everyone you love in one place…wish I could go back in time and soak it up even more! I’m also thankful for all the loved ones and friends who were a part of that day and who traveled from all over the place to celebrate with us. Ain’t love grand!?!

{10} years ago today…

I said “I Do” to my favorite guy…so thankful to still be holding his hand!
Happy Anniversary Babe…I love you!
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