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your own little CANDYLAND

This link from my friend Jenny’s blog inspired me to make these in my little toaster oven because I needed a few treats for a project and only had a few candies left to spare.  I made a small batch (I won’t tell you how many I ended up eating myself) and enjoyed my latte in less than 30 minutes! These make the perfect afternoon goody, gift or late night snack!
Start with Kisses or Hugs, M&M’s & Pretzels.
Line a Pan and top the pretzels with the kisses or hugs.
Bake @ 200 for 6 minutes, place M&M’s on melted bites & allow to chill in the fridge.
If you are making this snack for yourself just add your favorite drink (mine is always coffee) and you will be in your own little CANDYLAND in no time. NO BOARD GAME REQUIRED!
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