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a few of our favorite {CHRISTMAS BOOKS}

So if you don’t know about my passionate belief in Santa you can read about it HERE. Until then, rest assured that for me Christmas is about the birthday of our sweet Jesus! However, I do believe that Santa & Elves & cute legends about Christmas can be a great way to celebrate and honor this important day! I crave the beauty, enchantment, cookies, eggnog and music of this season all year long…not to mention the Christmas trees and ornaments and lights, the Elf on the Shelf and hot cocoa and the Polar Express…I could go on & on!

So what better way to capture it all than with Christmas BOOKS! I put them under our tree this year and have tried to read them at night for our bedtime stories. Here are a few of our favorites…what are yours?

We have about a dozen or so as of this Christmas. My goal is to collect 25 so that I can wrap them up and open one each night leading up to Christmas Day {isn’t that a fun tradition}?!


HOLIDAY randomness {tea parties, birthdays, kids & new year fun}

Christmas, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tremper Fam, Birthday Fun, a Hot Chocolate Tea Party & a little New Year’s dinner!
Here are some pics of Paige making cookies with Daddy!  They made them for Auntie Mishawn’s birthday request…Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
 (try saying that 3 times fast)!
Don’t you love her apron (another great gift from Auntie Shannon)?
I made this crown with a $1 store paper crown that had a little girl princess design on it.  First I painted it and then while it was wet I covered it in glitter!  I added the flowers with rhinestone brads & the numbers are just a print out from our computer that I cut out with special scalloped scissors. This project is easy and quick and special!
To make the cookie sandwiches we used the Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe {it is the BEST}…find it HERE! To make the sandwiches be sure to let the cookies cool to room temperature and then just add good vanilla ice cream (like Bryers) & chill!
We love Auntie Mishawn!
Annual Christmas Time with the Trempers! Wooohooo! We had so much fun (although getting a good picture was impossible)!
I even had time to squeeze in a little tea party for the girls…complete with PB&J sandwiches in Christmas shapes, Candy Cane Scones and Candy Cane Hot Chocolate! Yum! You could easily do this for Valentine’s Day with heart cookie cutters instead!  I told the girls to make sure they put their pinkies up…so cute!
I basically just put a bunch of red things that I had in the cupboards on their plates!
New Year’s Day “Fancy Dinner” with just the four of us!  Paige got all into it and helped me set the table…we talked about our “high’s & low’s” of 2010 and it was a great night!
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