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Here is the latest craft we have done around here…I think it would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift…or any day of the year really!

To learn how to do it a little better than I did check THIS out!

If you feel like crafting some more gifts or decor projects for Valentine’s Day I suggest you go to Pinterest first. I mean seriously, you will find all you ever wanted and a bag of laughs over there. Here is a condensed list of a few things I came across that were too cute to pass by! Enjoy!

Easy Kid Crafts:
Your favorite super hero will love THIS
Any preschooler would appreciate THESE
Crafts for Adults:I love hearts & would love to make THIS someday
The other day I found the cutest vintage valentine wreath HERE
And then I found these adorabletwig arrowsHERE

And I am really hoping to make THIS someday

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