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celebrating my birthday girl SISTER

To know my sister Jen-is to love my sister Jen!  She is kind, fun, smart and silly…she has always been “too cool for school” and so stylish!  Jen is great at so many things and my favorite thing about her is that she is one of the most generous humans I have ever known {with her heart and her money and her time and everything she is}!  So making her feel special is always a treat!
We celebrated with some of her favorite things:
great food, pretty decor, family & friends!
{P.S. several years ago we started calling her “Jennififi” and when the kids came along it became “Aunt Fifi” & there’s been no looking back. So Fifi we love you & wish you a great year ahead. I hope this makes up for having a coffee recipe on your birthday Fifi. I know you don’t like the stuff so I assure you that while it was a total oversight & quite ironic it will never happen again!}
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