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{teaching my kids to be BRAVE}

There are a few things that I pray for the most, as I raise my kids {well I pray for so many things…but these desires are at the core of my soul when I think about their lives ahead}. I pray that they learn to work hard, put their faith in Jesus, find contentment in the little things of life, learn to be grateful for what they already have and I really want to teach my kids to be BRAVE. I want them to stand up for what they believe is right. No matter what. If they have a desire to fly to the far corners of the earth to proclaim the Gospel and help those in need I hope I’m their biggest cheerleader. If they want to have a dangerous job because they are gifted at it and feel called to it I pray that my fears do not stand in their way. I want them to pursue and figure out what they believe at young ages without peer pressure to simply accept what is most popular. I pray they have the confidence to swim through all those confusing voices and desires out there to know who they are. I want them to be who they are even if it is not popular, safe or easy. I know that my fears could prevent them from pursuing hard things so I am trusting the Lord will guide me in knowing how to support them. I’m guessing that there will be times when I just need to sit back and pray and cling to these verses to see me through.

when i called

out to you,

you answered me.

you made me


psalm 138:3


so do not fear, for i am with you.

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you

I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand.

isaiah 41:10


A while back I wrote about this when planning BLAKE’S sweet nursery.

You can read more about that HERE.

Can you relate to these feelings? These convictions? How do you want to teach your kids to be BRAVE? What verses do you cling to for strength, courage and bravery? Let’s keep talking about it.


 {the sweet verse card is from a scripture card pack @ Jones Design Company}



the {HIDING PLACE} and more

favoriteTHINGS Friday
I just finished this amazing book last night.
I have wanted to read it for years but have not gotten around to it (I saw the movie when I was a teenager and have always been fascinated with the story of this brave woman and her family). I love studying history (weird I know) and learning about the ins and outs of certain time periods. For some reason the stories and details of the Holocaust, World War II and Nazi-Germany have always interested me. In light of my desire to know more about this time (especially from a “first-hand” account) it was a simple choice to read this book when my sweet friend Clare recommended it about a year ago. However, I am not a reader.  I would love to be. But I’m just not.  I only read about 2 or 3 books a year (and they are usually some kind of “self-help” or “parenting” or “faith-based” style). Regardless of all that, something in me just had to pick up this book last week. I have felt “under the weather” and going through some personal and family struggles…so I have spent a lot of time in bed. This book has been my constant companion. It has totally re-framed my whole perspective on life and what it truly means to suffer and still look to Jesus for help.  I would recommend this to anyone in the world who wants to be inspired and/or wants to learn more about the heroic ten Boom family of Nazi-Holland. You can learn more about it HERE or just “google it” to see interviews and read more about this extraordinary woman and the ten Boom family.
This may be one of the few times I’ll review a book or two, so here goes. Although you will very rarely find a fictional novel sitting on my nightstand, I do have a few favorites. Anne of Green Gables is at the top of my list (along with the whole series of Anne’s life by L.M. Montgomery). I also love anything by Francine Rivers and was completely captivated by the Help. I do have a few favorite Christian books from the past several years including, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney have both completely changed my life. I will read them both again and again for years to come.  And, believe it or not, there are a few I’m hoping to read in the near future. Faith Dare by Debbie Alsdorf has been at the top of my list for a while (it is a 30 day challenge of sorts).  And finally, I found the biography A Little Bit Wicked, about the lovely Kristin Chenoweth, at a used bookstore last year and could not pass it up.
I hope you read more than I do! I hope you find these stories and books as entertaining and inspiring as I did. What do you love to read?
I’m linking up HERE to see what others are reading right now!
what i'm reading

Real Love…Twirl

When I think about the subject of LOVE,
I cannot help but think about the greatest love of all.  And I’m talking about the Love & Adoration from our Heavenly Father. Did you know that He delights in you? In me? I hope you know how much He loves you!  I recently came across a great little blurb about God’s love on a blog that I follow, entitled Twirl from Jones Design Company.  If you have a minute be sure to check it out!

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