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80th birthday party {diamonds are a girls best friend}

 This is the lovely JUNE {she recently passed away…after several years of mental strain and confusion…I am so thankful she is now at peace with Jesus}. She is my Uncle Ray’s mother and someone I got to know very well in the  years we lived in Southern California. For her 80th birthday my Aunt Evelyn decided to go all out with a glamorous birthday party fit for a queen. June had always been {and remained} quite the glamor girl. She loved diamonds, jewelry, fancy clothes, gold, ornate decorations and bright colors…the list goes on. She liked to tell people that she had never wore Blue Jeans a day in her life. She was generous and always looked fabulous from her hair to her signature lipstick and on down to her toes…and she was a beautiful singer. I loved hearing her play piano and sing with all her heart!
With all that in mind I got to help decorate for her party several years ago. We used lots of black linens, nice stem-wear {rented} and tons of jewels {diamond inspired}. Kim {my cousin and June’s granddaughter} is amazing with flower arrangements {see below} so we did those ourselves. We knew pink flowers and sparkly accents would be the perfect addition to the black backdrop. We moved furniture out of their main living area and added beautifully decorated tables under displays of white lanterns that we hung from the ceiling {with thumb tacks}! Aunt Ev had a meal of June’s favorite foods catered and we gave a few roasts and toasts for the lucky lady. Birthday cake was shared along with a slideshow that I made of pictures from the 80 years of her life! Kim and I also made a small scrapbook of pictures we loved of June from over the years {it include slots for small slips of paper that each guest signed and we later included in the book}. She loved it. She passed it around for weeks, bringing it around with her to bridge, her hairdresser and other friends homes.
 It was a lovely party for a lovely lady!

{June and her dear cousin singing a song from the good ol’ days}

Such a glamorous GIRL! We miss you June!

Hope this inspires you to spoil a glamor girl in your life someday!

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