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FROZEN frenzy {do you wanna build a snowman?}

Are you and your kids as obsessed with Disney’s Frozen as we are? Seriously, is it not the cutest movie? Love, humor, a summer loving snowmen, sisters, beautiful music, friendship and gorgeous images.

We saw it in the theater {the kids saw it twice} and fell in love during the holidays. After months of listening to the songs and anticipating the DVD’s release it finally arrived at Grammy’s house last week {prompting a Friday night Movie Night}! The kids have now watched it a few times and are even more in love with these characters! If you are crazy for this movie as well I thought I would pass along a few of the crafts and videos we have checked out to get your fix!

Check out some amazing craft ideas from Disney’s website Spoonful HERE


If you cannot get enough of the music from Frozen you have to check out these fun videos:
{It seems like everyone out there is impersonating these songs…but these are my 3 favorites}

Here is an Instagram pic from our first visit to the movie theater to see it:


getting sandy {with SAND ART}

My sweet friend Mishawn {also one of my BFF’s} is so creative. She is always coming up with fun and simple ways to be creative {with her kids and for herself}. I love that she can do everything from sewing to cooking to baking to crafts and all with a smile on her face and four kids at her toes! She amazes me!
Last summer when the kids were all together she came up with this little project to use up leftover sand from a kit for making sand art in a bottle {pictured below}. It was simple…but the kids loved it. They each drew out pictures on cardboard {with a pencil or crayon} and then used the popsicle sticks to add glue to each desired area. Next they sprinkled the colored sand on the glued area of choice and shook it off {like cinnamon toast}!
 Summer is just around the corner and I am trying to round up ideas for keeping my kids busy! I am adding this one to my list for sure.
For other fun summer projects check out my Pinterest board: summerFUN
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