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if you have ever suffered {and who hasn’t}

I had not intended to blog about this today…but my sweet friend Rachel posted this YouTube video on Facebook & it was so beautiful & moving that I just had to share.  The older I get the more I am convinced that everyone has gone through some kind of pain & suffering that is unique to them in both big and small ways.
Some people have suffered more pain than others of us would ever be capable of even imagining….and it is normal to ask WHY?
I don’t know why…but I know from my own pain that God can bless us in spite of it.  In my own life I am constantly wrestling with the difficulty of living with chronic pain for so many years…and yet I know God is healing me and that ultimately when I meet Him in Heaven I will never know pain again.  Here on earth (in the day-to-day) it is not easy, but God is there to comfort me moment by moment and I know it has drawn me closer to Him & made me lean on Him in ways I would not have been capable of doing otherwise.
I will share more of my pain story another day but for now I pray that this encourages you today:

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