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Have you heard about the “Zero Waste Family” yet?
Check them out here {watch the quick video}: Zero Waste Home
Did you watch the video?
I know, I know…some of you are thinking I have lost my mind but I assure you that I have not!  Most of us cannot even fathom this life but keep an open mind. First, check out their video {if you have not already} and think about it. Maybe, just maybe, change one thing you are doing to bring less into your home so that less goes out.  I for one am challenging myself to at least be a “Less Waste Family” and I’m going to start by trying to buy in bulk more often. I do love getting my dry ingredients such as grains and pastas and beans in bulk so that is a good start for our family!  We’ll see! I’m certainly not trying that toothpaste method anytime soon!

What do you think?  Would you at least consider being a “Less Waste Home”?!

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