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A few years ago I wrote this post but never got around to finishing/editing it. I think LOVE LETTERS are wonderful during Valentine’s Day…but honestly they are just as valuable the rest of the year! Paigey made these sweet & simple Valentine’s for her friends {with doily’s and some glitter letters} a couple of years ago. They got me thinking about how simple it really is to sit down and write a little love letter.
Grown-ups need notes of affection too {not just home-made Valentine’s once a year}! And kids need to hear from their parents about how and why they are loved. This can easily be done by writing texts or Facebook messages but isn’t it great to get something tangible? Like a hand written letter or lunchbox note that can be held…or something beautifully typed that can be looked at again and again? Here are a few ideas to make Love Letter’s a priority {something I absolutely struggle with but want to improve}!
::Love Letter Journals::
Couples write in them regularly for each other as a way of documenting their letters in one spot. I used to make them as gifts by covering inexpensive composition notebooks with nice paper or magazine images. I eventually started covering them with mod-podge or packing tape to make them more  durable. Each book included a set of “fill-in-the-blank” prompt options to help inspire words of affection and appreciation {for those who don’t feel it’s as easy to write a letter off the top of their heads}. Some of the “fill-in-the-blank” prompt options that we used were:
I love you because…
Today I feel…
One thing you may not know about me…
One thing I need from you right now…
I wish I told you…more often
Thank you for…
You get the idea right? My husband and I have written in our LOVE LETTER journals {from time to time} over the years. It has been a great way to connect and truly communicate some of our feelings in a simple and tangible way.

::Simple Love Letters::

Some of my favorite love letters are simple, sweet letters from my guy that are scribbled on envelopes or napkins. Sometimes they are taped on the mirror and I leave them there. Sometimes they end up in my bible as a bookmark or I add them to my smashbook. I just love the “spur-of-the-moment” nature of these little notes and I will always cherish them.

::Letters to my Children::

Some people write a letter to their kids every year on their birthday. I love this. I am inspired to do it but haven’t made it a tradition yet. Some people do the LOVE LETTER journals with their kids also {don’t forget the easy “fill-in-the-blank” prompts above under LOVE LETTER journals}. I do know that even simple notes go a long way with my sweet babes. Sometimes we make special meals and I include a note of encouragement at their place setting {they love it}. Every so often I slip something sweet in their lunch boxes or write on their food with an edible pen…they think these gestures are great too! Let me just say that as a child myself I cherish notes from my parents. Now that my dad is gone I cling to the handful of notes he wrote me {and there were only a few} because they help me know I was loved and thought of by him. I want my kids to feel that way from me and have a tangible way to see it.

::Letters to my Friends::

I’m not great about this. I do try to text my friends when I am thinking about them but writing an actual note and sending it is not easy for me {totally lame, I know}. One of these days I’m going to get better about this and in the meantime I love looking at all the fun printable note-cards out there {just check out Etsy and/or Pinterest for some good finds as many are even free}. I have even heard of friends using the journals to create a “Circle Journal” where they write in it and then pass it on to each other and keep going from there {don’t forget the easy “fill-in-the-blank” prompts above under LOVE LETTER journals}.

::Type it Up::

I cherish handwritten notes from my loved ones {especially those who have passed away} but if journals or handwritten notes are not your thing you can always type something up. Here are a few LOVE LETTER FONTS from Ella Claire.


31days {of letters}

Hello & Welcome to my 31 days {of letters}!

31 days (704)You can scroll to the bottom to find out what this is about & why I am doing it. You will also find Day 1 {dear fellow night owls} there. Below you can click on each days letters {as I add them}. Happy Reading!

Day 2 {a love letter to autumn}

Day 3 {tomato vine}

Day 4 {the truth about chores}

Days 5 & 6 {weekdays & weekends}

Day 7 {comfort food}

Day 8 {for the love of old photos}

Day 9 {pinterest}

Day 10 {music}

Days 11,12 & 13 {social media}

Day 14 {thoughts on GRIEF}

Day 15 {a letter to my DAD}

Day 16 {a new year & a life plan}

Day 17 {to half dome with love}

Day 18-22 {a few of my favorite things}

Day 23 {mid-week dinners}

Day 24 {it’s the most wonderful time of the year}

Day 25 {movie night}

Day 26 {washi tape}

Day 27 {sunday}

Day 28 {skipped due to some kinda flu}

Day 29 {plans for the week}

Day 30 {friends}


I decided {at the last-minute and thanks to my sister} to join the Nester and her 31 days link party.

I will be writing a letter everyday for 31 days.

Some will be silly letters.

Some will be serious letters.

And all of them will be very sincere.

Hope you enjoy this little project {and I hope it makes you laugh or cry or at least get to know me a little better}.

I’m a little late to the party…forgive me.


Day 1 {sort-of}:

Dear Fellow Night Owls,

Are you awake right now? It’s past midnight and I’m hopeful that some of you are up. Are you reading blogs, cleaning, watching TV, folding laundry or just trying to fall asleep as thoughts of tomorrow race through your brain? That’s usually what I’m doing. It’s not that I want anyone else to be as crazy as me…but I like knowing I’m not the only crazy one out there. A few months ago my Paigey told me that I’m like a bat because I stay up all night and sleep all day. Her five-year old observation was not that far off…in reality. I would love to be up all night and sleep until noon everyday {I’m not really awake in the morning until 10 AM and at least one or two cups of coffee anyway}. I struggle to get out of bed every.single.day. I do have trouble sleeping most nights and honestly I just have more energy at night. When 10 PM rolls around…I come alive. I am not in a season of life that is conducive to being a night owl {college was so awesome} but sometimes I just cannot help myself!  Please tell me I’m not the only one. I would like to think that you are out there doing the same things as I shut down the house and glance at the clock each night and think oops I did it again…how did it get so late? So goodnight my fellow owls…sleep tight. Until we meet again tomorrow night! XO

Sincerely {and sleepily},



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