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Dear Music,

Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Thank you for bringing fun to our dance parties, peace to our home, spice to our road trips, energy to our chores, emotions to our movies…I could go on and on. As you know, I love to sing and at one time I loved to play guitar. I grew up hearing you during my whole upbringing. My family has always made you a big part of our lives from concerts to singing and playing instruments.

Thanks for bringing so much pleasure to my life and for always being there. If I am sad or if I am happy…you are there. If I need to focus on God’s promises and His love…I have you to help. If I just need some peace and quiet to get through a rough day or something loud and crazy to make me smile…you are there.

Even kids love you. I got to sit in Paige’s children’s choir practice yesterday and I loved hearing those sweet kids sing to the Lord. I loved hearing their voices and their love for music.  Grant loved you before he was born. When I was pregnant with him and I would sing around the house or on worship team at church he would kick, kick, kick in my belly. His movements were very rare but strong, when he heard you. It’s as if he knew he was going to be raised in a musical home.

I hope to never stop learning your methods {maybe even piano someday} and practicing. I will do my best to pass on my love of music to the kids. I even hope to pick up a guitar again someday. And you can trust that we will always welcome you in our cars, homes and lives as long as you keep playing.

Sincerely {and melodiously},


DSC_026031 days (250)

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