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favoriteTHINGS Friday
For the last few years I have been really into anything in the mint…aqua…sea-foam category {even robins-egg blue works for me}. I got four new bags for my birthday and 3 out of the 4 are in this color family! I have loved the color GREEN my whole life. I wear it often…decorate with it…color with it…and even make all sorts of food choices based on it {actually I just happen to love most green veggies…weird I know}! But my love of green has been greatly swayed towards my recent passion for the blue/green color family. I’m buying it to wear and accessorize with a lot these days! Splash in some coral, pinks and/or navy {along with gray…my favorite neutral} and I am good to go. Even yellow & red make the cut with these beautiful colors! Check out some of my favorite Pinterest color combo pins below or simply go to my board colorCRAVINGS to see it all!

What are some of your color cravings these days?

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