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what we’ve been up to

So here is the scoop on what we have been up to.  We just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area (where I grew up) and I’m thrilled to be home & near family. Aaron is working for a new fire department and we are both excited to explore the Bay Area and enjoy the benefits of such a diverse place to live!  It will be different to see it all as an adult and mommy since I have not lived here since I left for college almost 13 years ago (…ooh that makes me sound old)!
The last few months have been crazy!  We have been packing, moving and traveling.  Aaron had a million things to take care of here while he was in the application process and me and the kids were sick most of January and February.  We are temporarily living with my parents while Aaron is in fire academy for the new department so I’m trying to get us all situated here (it is not easy to go from a 4 bedroom home to 2 rooms in your parents house).  Thank goodness my parents have been very gracious in letting us live here & “take over” their home with two busy kids and a lot of stuff. We are thankful for their support.  I have been getting up at 5 AM with Aaron and if you know me this is a miracle because I despise the wee hours of the morning.  But everything is possible for a time and we are certain that this move will be great even if it has been a crazy ride getting here! More pictures to come but for now here are a few things that have helped us get through all this.  The kids have honestly been amazing in all the chaos (look at those faces) and the snacks, coffee and Advil have helped too!
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