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unique place cards {CAKE POPS optional}…

Spring is coming and at our house we love tea parties {we love any party we can get our hand on}! A few years ago I made these cake pops and cute place-card holders for a church tea party that my mom was a part of hosting…check out my cake-pop post HERE!
You will need:
a camera
card stock
color printer
metallic pen {the kind you shake that smells funny}
adhesive {or double sided tape}
regular pen {such as a sharpie}
wrapped cake pops turned upside down {optional}
I took this picture of a tea cup my mom has that I love! I made the tea cup off-centered in the shot because I wanted space to write each name.
Next I added the picture to a business card template {in Word} and printed it out on a solid sheet of card stock using a color printer. Using a regular black pen, I wrote each name out {you could type it out or use stickers or stamps if you prefer}. I also added some gold details with my metallic pen {I simply highlighted the tea cup where there was already gold on the real tea cup}.
Next, I cut out each place card and adhered them one by one to some pretty paper. I cut around that whole thing and attached it to the cake-pop sticks with a simple piece of tape. If that is too casual for you, simply cover the back of this up with another piece of paper or use pretty washi tape. At this point you could fold the pretty paper into tents and attach the picture place-card to that instead.
You can take a simple picture of something you love {you do not need a fancy camera} and make it something special and unique. Who needs clip-art when you can use a little bit of your creativity and a fancy metallic pen!

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