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Remember my road trip post?  You can find it HERE.

It was a pretty popular post…so next week I will hosting a {TRAVEL WEEK}!
We just got back from another trip and I’m inspired to share some of the tips I have learned along the way! Starting on Monday enjoy some of my favorite travel tips everyday…all week long.

I am not an expert traveler and I have not gone over-seas {other than Hawaii} but we do tend to go out of town about once a month {on average} as a family. Sometimes we drive, sometimes we fly, sometimes we are close to home, sometimes we camp, sometimes we go to Disneyland and sometimes we go out of state! We just love to go explore & we love to visit our loved ones who live far away!

Hope you can get-away this summer and if you do…I hope these travel tips help! Here are a few new things I have discovered since my road trip post for traveling with kids:

random stuff and sticky floors

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  It’s amazing.  My friend Ailie told me about it and I finally got into it last week.  It is like having a cork board online of all your favorite things….it’s honestly too fun. I’m finding that it’s a great way to keep track of all the cool things you see online and wonder “how in the world will I remember to look this up when the time comes?” And you can follow people who’s taste you appreciate and “Repin” items they have found.  It provides hours of inspiration!  Anyhow, you have to check it out and request an invite to join! Happy Pinning!
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Here is the link to the place you can purchase it:

I just found this sign from Pinterest and had to share! And if it is true then I am an amazing mom.  My floors are always sticky and my ovens rarely cleaned! Ha!


These two kids are so silly & sweet that they can make me swoon and make me crazy in a matter of seconds…but I adore them!

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