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one of the most thoughtful gifts…

that I have ever been given!
So, since I have been on the subject of Valentine’s Day I want to give you an example of the most wonderful gift Aaron has ever given me for my birthday/valentine’s day! This is one of the most romantic things that Aaron has ever done for me and one of the coolest things that Kim (my cousin) OR anyone has ever made for me! I love this…love it!  The story goes this way, Aaron found a bunch of my grandma’s recipes when he was cleaning at my grandparents house (I was not around).  He gave them to Kim (on the sly) and she made this beautiful scrapbook for me of Grandma Lil’s collected and written recipes, plus pictures of her. My Grandma Lil was so special to me and having this book makes me feel closer to her. She spent her life in the kitchen and she would love to know that me and my siblings all love to cook just like her! Here’s to hoping you can do something thoughtful like this for someone in your life!
I love these recipes quickly written on an envelope. They are dirty and well used and with her handwriting!
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