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good ol’ fashioned tourists & alumni DORKS…

A few weeks ago Aaron & I got away for my 10 year college reunion {at Seattle Pacific University}. We got to leave the kids at home so we could run around like college students again! And we did.  I kept saying that we were acting like good ol’ fashioned tourists and total Alumni DORKS and we were!  We ran all over Seattle taking pictures, ate brunch at the Space Needle restaurant, visited Kerry Park & Pike’s Place Market. We met with professors, hung out around campus and saw tons of our college friends (some people we had not seen in 10 years). We even went to our old dorm {I know, I know…that’s why I said we were Alumni DORKS}!  I picked up a new SPU sweatshirt and got some time with my college roommates {five of my favorite people}! Aaron got to catch up with some of his roommates as well! There is never enough time to catch up with everyone, so that would be my only complaint!

love my roomies…the WELL girls

To say it was an amazing trip is an understatement, there are not words to describe how much Aaron and I loved the time away, the time together and the time to relive some of the best years of our lives {TRULY}!
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