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roasted red pepper and basil dip

This is great for grown-ups or kids.
Make it fancy or make it simple…JUST MAKE IT!

For this recipe (as with many of my recipes) I do not have exact measurements.  I simply blended basil, roasted red peppers, silken tofu & toasted walnuts.

First I added a generous handful of basil and about a cup of silken tofu to the food processor (you could use sour cream or avocado instead of tofu if it’s not your thing but trust me you will not taste it).

In the meantime I toasted a handful (about 1/2 cup) of raw walnuts (heat at 400 for about 5 to 10 minutes or basically until you can smell them).
Add those babies to the mix!

Don’t forget salt and pepper AND the roasted red peppers (I used the kind from a jar but if you have time to roast them yourself or have leftovers…go for it)! Let the blending begin.  Stop every few rounds to taste and adjust the seasoning. My mouth is watering as I write this!
Garnish with basil if you so choose and enjoy with chips, pita, on sandwiches or as a veggie dip!

P.S. Isn’t this a great container? My mom found it and we have used it for everything from apples & peanut butter to veggies & ranch and pretzels & Nutella. Just thought I’d share! Not sure where this one is from but you can find a similar one HERE or make your own by sticking a small container in the middle of a larger one. Happy dipping!
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