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so long summer {heading BACK TO SCHOOL}

so long summer 1000Summer is almost over {even though it’s still hot around here}. The first half of my summer I was miserably pregnant and the second half I was elated with sweet Blake in my arms 24/7. I did not accomplish anything or even get out of the house from June to September. Remember THIS post about all the things I hoped to do with my two big kids? None of those things happened and before we knew it they were back to school last week.   DSC_0170 DSC_0177 DSC_0154 DSC_0147 DSC_0188 IMG_3809 IMG_3806During our “back to school” festivities we had a special first day breakfast with pancakes in the shape of a K and a 1 for their grades.


IMG_3767 IMG_3783 IMG_3774  IMG_3781  We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday with his favorite meal and a cake last week {to honor his life and not focus on the day he passed away}. I was nervous about getting the kids to school with a newborn in tow but we made it and even made it to the donut shop one morning!

IMG_3834We celebrated Paigey’s birthday with a small family party and mall outing {she got an Elsa costume, visit from Nana and Papa and many other fun gifts} this past weekend.

IMG_3981 IMG_4048 IMG_4047 IMG_3969Grammy had a birthday in there somewhere, Blake turned one month old, my brother came to town for a visit and Aaron was busy turning our backyard into a fun play zone for the kids {pictures & details coming soon}.

DSC_0196 DSC_0199 DSC_0194He is such a cutie! I have a million hashtags for Blake on my Instagram account but one of my favorites is #spikeyhairdontcare {you can find me there under the username of: everydayVALENTINE}!

With the hope of a new season upon us we are enjoying the last few moments of summer but let’s hope Fall is on its way!


going on a little media fast

I have decided that I am going on a little media fast…hoping to enjoy my kids more and take in all that summer has to offer. I will be back real soon {maybe a few weeks or so}. I have been feeling convicted for a while that I am spending too much time on my blog, Facebook and even at times my phone {on games and Instagram}. One of the chapters from THIS book got me thinking a few months ago about all this. And then another chapter in THIS book made me really start to think about how I spend my time with my kids. Then I came across THIS article and discovered that while I may want to be the kind of mommy who loves my kids without distractions…I’m not doing a very good job of it right now. I want to be the kind of mommy who is not constantly saying things like “go play over there…” and “I will help you in a few minutes…” and “I just need to read this first…go play” & the list goes on. I do need  my own time {free from the kids} to stay sane…but I need to find a better balance. So off I go to have some summer fun. To get in there with my kids and the things they love doing. To read more books, do more crafts, play more games, make more popsicles, get in the pool with them and sing silly summer songs.
Until then, you may enjoy clicking up top on summerFUN under seasons{4}
P.S. You may see me on Pinterest or Instagram from time to time…Happy Summer!

A Month of Traveling Panfi’s {SoCal FUN from last summer}!

This was a post I started last summer and never got around to finishing! We had such a packed couple of months in July and August…that I never seemed to catch my breath in September! We were back in SoCal being travelBUGS this week and thinking about last summer as we soaked up some fun and some sun {so I decided it would be a fun time to finally post these fun pics}! Enjoy!
 After our Santa Cruz or BUST trip last summer we turned around a few days later and drove down to Orange County to see our buddy Erik get married to his lovely girl Angela! We made it in time and had the nicest evening! Their ceremony was so personal and lovely from the music on down to the dresses & flowers! Their vows were heartfelt and I loved that they each said one little zinger about the other! The reception had a ton of creative and personal touches as well as In-N-Out burger for dinner {how cool is that}?! Somehow we did not get any pics of the bride & groom together {I think we were not thinking clearly from the high of a “night without our kids”}! However, I will never forget how genuinely in love they appeared and the beauty of Angela that night. As I felt when I met my cousin Cory’s lovely bride earlier in the summer, I must say that I was proud of Erik for choosing such a wonderful woman to spend his life with & I look forward to seeing them grow old together!

We were happy to stay at Aunt Ev & Uncle Ray’s house for the week leading up to another stop in Santa Barbara to celebrate the twins (more on that later)! We saw cousins and friends. We relaxed in the pool and napped by the pool.
It doesn’t get much better than that!

Last stop on our journey was in the Montecito hills…just north of Santa Barbara.  We spoiled my mom and her twin sister for their sixtieth birthday, hung out in a beautiful home with a view and spent a whole day in Carpenteria eating and being beach bums. More pictures of the weekend Twin festivities to come eventually!
A day of beach heaven

I think crushing a sand castle is as fun as making it! Don’t you?
It was a great way to end a month of Traveling Panfi’s…
{I will post more details about how we celebrated the Twins 60th soon…but that’s another story for another day}
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