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TEA party girl

tea party girlMy sweet Paige loves TEA parties. For about a year or so she has begged me to have one. So I finally put a small little afternoon party together. She invited three friends and I included their mommies {so we could have  some yummy food and a play date too}! Paige made the invites, favors for their little goody bags, place mats, decorations and even helped me come up with the menu. I had to let go of my perfect decor ideas and let her take part with her creative flair. Luckily it was a few days after Valentine’s day, so a theme presented itself easily and Paige loved gathering pretty things from around the house to make it all pretty. We decorated the night before and I made the food while she was at school. The girls came right after school in their party dresses and while Paige had come up with a few games, they were so excited to play in her room {when they weren’t eating} we never even got to games or crafts. Fun was had by all!

Here are a few more details. Hope it inspires you to throw a little TEA party for no particular reason! It sure was fun for us!

::The Menu::

Strawberry Smoothies

Nutella Sandwich’s {cut into hearts}

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwich’s {cut into triangles}

Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix

Cherry Tomatoes

Cookies & Strawberries {thanks to a few girl scouts}

Tea & Hot Chocolate {I ended up only making hot chocolate}

::The Menu for the Mommies::

Strawberry Salad*

Parmesan Toasts {cut into hearts}

::The Favors::

hand-made Pictures, Bracelets & Candy for the Goody Bags {made by Paige}

Small Craft Kits {American Girl Doll accessory-making Kit purchased at Micheal’s}

small Lip-Gloss Rings {hung on each straw}

::The Decor::

black & white Chevron Straws, Bags & Table Runner {purchased online from the Plaid Barn & Pick your Plum}

valentine Decor {from around the house}

hand-made Placemats

DSC_0074 DSC_0070 DSC_0063 DSC_0019 DSC_0026 DSC_0028 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0053 DSC_0055 DSC_0016 DSC_0014


don’t forget the scones {this EASTER}

 As I mentioned the other day…we had a lovely Easter Tea for the kids last weekend. My fabulous sis-n-law makes the most amazing food. She can cook, bake and comes up with great party menus. She made everything you see here from scratch! Amazing! My mother-in-law has lovely taste, lots of vintage dishes and found these adorable Peter Rabbit plates for the kids. Paige helped her decorate this little table {her Lalaloopsy doll even got to join us} and I got to help in the kitchen {something I always love to do when Auntie Shannon is cooking}! Check out the menu and some links below. It was tasty and fun! The perfect combo for any tea party!
Our sweet little friend Hali joined us! So fun!
::The Menu::
Mini Quiche
Cowboy Quiche*
Cowgirl Quiche*
Blueberry Scones*
{with Lemon Curd & Devonshire Cream}
 Ham & Cheese Tea Sandwiches
Butter Cookies
*To get the recipes for Cowboy and Cowgirl Quiche check out The Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook HERE or go online to a recipe very similar HERE {just leave out the artichoke hearts and trade the cheese with cheddar to make the Cowboy version in her cookbook}.
*Auntie Shannon is a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen and often makes their recipes. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly she made everything that day! To be fancy like her & make these amazing Blueberry Scones check out this FREE Content {if you are not an America’s Test Kitchen subscriber already}:


the loveliest tea party birthday for {ALISHA}

About a year and a half ago I got to help my sweet friend Alisha celebrate her birthday with a grown-up tea party.We went to San Francisco for a lovely afternoon at Crown & Crumpet. It has recently moved locations, but let me tell you that I cannot wait to check out the new spot when I get the chance. The decor and atmosphere were lovely and the food & tea were even better!
This creative girl made us little tea box favors…even though it was for her birthday…how cute is that?
These home-made crumpets were so good that I went on a crumpet kick for a while after I had them. Trader Joe makes some that you can toast up and drizzle with butter and honey…YUM! I’m licking my lips just thinking about it!
Pretty Lady…Love this Girl!
I love Alisha! Let me count the ways! I love her parents & siblings {they have been dear family friends for years} and I love her hubby and kids. We went to high school together and church youth group. She moved back to the Bay Area around the same time as us and it was such a treat to get to know her again after years of living apart. Our kids are pretty close in age and love playing together! I trust her so much that she is the person I called to pick up Paige the day my dad died. She took her and kept her busy and happy and fed her…I was so comforted in knowing that Paige was in good hands while we were at the hospital. She loves her family so well, loves God, is a loyal friend and always makes me laugh! Lets just say I adore this sweet, creative, funny, loving girl!
Alisha with her mom and sister…it was a sunny & beautiful day in the City!
And then it was time to go.
look at these cute girls…they have been friends since high school…i love it!

unique place cards {CAKE POPS optional}…

Spring is coming and at our house we love tea parties {we love any party we can get our hand on}! A few years ago I made these cake pops and cute place-card holders for a church tea party that my mom was a part of hosting…check out my cake-pop post HERE!
You will need:
a camera
card stock
color printer
metallic pen {the kind you shake that smells funny}
adhesive {or double sided tape}
regular pen {such as a sharpie}
wrapped cake pops turned upside down {optional}
I took this picture of a tea cup my mom has that I love! I made the tea cup off-centered in the shot because I wanted space to write each name.
Next I added the picture to a business card template {in Word} and printed it out on a solid sheet of card stock using a color printer. Using a regular black pen, I wrote each name out {you could type it out or use stickers or stamps if you prefer}. I also added some gold details with my metallic pen {I simply highlighted the tea cup where there was already gold on the real tea cup}.
Next, I cut out each place card and adhered them one by one to some pretty paper. I cut around that whole thing and attached it to the cake-pop sticks with a simple piece of tape. If that is too casual for you, simply cover the back of this up with another piece of paper or use pretty washi tape. At this point you could fold the pretty paper into tents and attach the picture place-card to that instead.
You can take a simple picture of something you love {you do not need a fancy camera} and make it something special and unique. Who needs clip-art when you can use a little bit of your creativity and a fancy metallic pen!


HOLIDAY randomness {tea parties, birthdays, kids & new year fun}

Christmas, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tremper Fam, Birthday Fun, a Hot Chocolate Tea Party & a little New Year’s dinner!
Here are some pics of Paige making cookies with Daddy!  They made them for Auntie Mishawn’s birthday request…Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
 (try saying that 3 times fast)!
Don’t you love her apron (another great gift from Auntie Shannon)?
I made this crown with a $1 store paper crown that had a little girl princess design on it.  First I painted it and then while it was wet I covered it in glitter!  I added the flowers with rhinestone brads & the numbers are just a print out from our computer that I cut out with special scalloped scissors. This project is easy and quick and special!
To make the cookie sandwiches we used the Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe {it is the BEST}…find it HERE! To make the sandwiches be sure to let the cookies cool to room temperature and then just add good vanilla ice cream (like Bryers) & chill!
We love Auntie Mishawn!
Annual Christmas Time with the Trempers! Wooohooo! We had so much fun (although getting a good picture was impossible)!
I even had time to squeeze in a little tea party for the girls…complete with PB&J sandwiches in Christmas shapes, Candy Cane Scones and Candy Cane Hot Chocolate! Yum! You could easily do this for Valentine’s Day with heart cookie cutters instead!  I told the girls to make sure they put their pinkies up…so cute!
I basically just put a bunch of red things that I had in the cupboards on their plates!
New Year’s Day “Fancy Dinner” with just the four of us!  Paige got all into it and helped me set the table…we talked about our “high’s & low’s” of 2010 and it was a great night!
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