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ten on ten {march 2015}

Ten on Ten brought about lots of beauty yesterday despite having a sick boy at home. It was a warm & sunny March day dripping with blossoms, being BRAVE at MOPS, a baby, toys, a trampoline, pj’s and the hope of Spring! I truly loves seeing our world through this project every month. Paigey must like it too because she remarked with a smile {as I was taking pictures in the morning} … “Is it already ten on ten again mommy?” Our girl is too cute and acting very grown up these days!                  DSC_0647DSC_0652DSC_0669DSC_0676DSC_0680DSC_0730DSC_0787DSC_0815DSC_0803DSC_0823

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ten on ten : january 2015

Our ten on ten {a day when I follow along with a bit of sunshine & take ten pictures on the tenth day of the month} was a lovely Saturday. It involved a baby sprinkle {shower} for a sweet friend, organizing the garage, legos, kids playing, coffee and ended with an evening at my moms and a yummy family dinner. Aaron chopped up our Christmas tree for out green bin and the remaining holiday decorations were finally tucked away for next year. It was the perfect weekend day…relaxing and productive and even allowed for some intentional connecting with family and friends. Truly those are the best kids of days for me…a little social, a little productive, a little relaxing and a lot of fun. Blake continues to delight our hearts and as he is approaching 6 months and it’s hard to believe we ever lived without him! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend of doing all sorts of fun and relaxing things too!

DSC_0077DSC_0070DSC_0086DSC_0090DSC_0101DSC_0128DSC_0157DSC_0130DSC_0160 DSC_0132

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{ten on eleven}

Try as I may and try as I might to remember to do my favorite monthly project {ten on ten}…sometimes I forget. Actually I didn’t know what day it was yesterday {while on a quick 4 day weekend getaway} and so the tenth came and went. But in the spirit of the project I went ahead and took my ten pictures today instead…on the eleventh. Today we were traveling back home from a quick weekend  in Southern California to see our BFF’s {and my Aunt & Uncle}. It was the perfect mix of good catch-up time, belly laughter time, delicious food around big tables, dirty fingernails, no sleep, baby obsessing and little hearts playing sweetly as adopted “cousins” and friends. My heart is full.

  DSC_0027 DSC_0034 DSC_0046 DSC_0080 DSC_0086 DSC_0099 DSC_0137 DSC_0160 DSC_0205 DSC_0215

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{ten on ten & mommy hands}

If you are joining me for the first time you may not know that I am linking up with the nester  this month for a 31 day writing challenge {write 31 days}. I have decided to write about my musings on MOTHERHOOD. So with that in mind I wanted to take pictures that showed where my mommy hands work and move and play all day by linking up with a bit of sunshine’s {ten on ten}. This is a project that I love to do every month on the tenth by taking ten pictures of my day. As she says on her blog it’s a chance for us to see more: Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!


I see beauty in all the ways mommy hands touch the world.

Mommy hands serve all day and all night.

Pray all day and all night.

Wipe tears, play games, sweep floors, soothe souls…all day and all night.

DSC_0292mommy hands hold babes tight

DSC_0267   mommy hands make coffeeDSC_0287 mommy hands help make beds & tidy roomsDSC_0307mommy hands make lunch & nourish babes

DSC_0299mommy hands create beauty & light candles

DSC_0296  mommy hands organize and workDSC_0311  mommy hands open doors & close doors & remind babes not to slam doors

DSC_0321mommy hands help little princesses get dressed for fall festivals

DSC_0346mommy hands read books

DSC_0291mommy hands shut off lights & tuck babes & say good night

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