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Have you ever considered buying organic food? If you do want to start buying more organic food you should consider starting with produce. Here is Organic.org‘s Top 10 Reasons to buy Organic (in case you need some convincing)!
But “where do I start (and how can I afford it…)” you ask?
First, just do your best! All organic is ideal but not very practical and rarely possible!
Next, check out: The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15
The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list the produce found with the most pesticides (the dirty dozen) and the least pesticides (the clean 15) and can serve as a guide for how to shop. I have stared focusing on buying organic options of the dirty dozen and not worrying about the others for now.  After all…who wants to eat pesticides…Yuck.

Click here for the Full List and more information!

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