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Hey there Friends,

I love you. I love to watch you work all around me. It’s true what they say…it’s good to have Friends! TV shows and songs revolve around friends. Movies and Plays. Books. The list goes on. And the gift of a praying friend is even more rare and special. This week I was so touched by the love and outpouring of generosity & prayer for some of my friends. I want to share their story and be encouraged by their courage. I have known Sarah & Charlie since I was a tween. I have watched their lives off and on for years. Many of our friendships are intertwined by years of youth group friendships, church camp & roommate connection and the list goes on. They are two people who always make me laugh and I feel at ease when I am with them. Last month their lives changed and they faced some hurdles that many of us cannot even imagine. I hope you will take a minute to hear their story {they have had to be very brave, strong and hopeful}. Check out the video below and go to www.bloggingcharlie.com to learn more about these people I love.

Did you watch it? Did you read about it?

In light of their situation two of their friends set out to raise some money to help them with medical bills {through an online resource called gofundme} and look what God did through the generosity of their friends. I took this screenshot last night {see below} of their gofundme account total. In less than a week their friends and community raised over $26,000. Amazing! And I know the support won’t stop there. They are very loved…and prayed for. And I am hopeful for what God will continue to do in and through them as they share their story.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.58.05 PM

Why am I writing about this and friendship? I just want to encourage you that there are good things happening all around us. Even in our darkest hours there is good all around. The news is filled with the dark sides of this world…but people are good. And God is good. If you have dear friends in your life {and I hope you do}…hold on to them, encourage them, be there for them in the best way you know how to be…and pray for them. What a gift that is. And if you have a minute please pray for my sweet friends…the Meng family. xo

Your Friend,


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