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{31 days recap & happy halloween}

Okay friends! So I am finally finishing up my 31 day project. Just a few days late! Life with a newborn and Halloween and homework and a house that never stops needing care has gotten the better of me. But I’m pressing-on because I have loved your feedback about motherhood. It seems that I’m not the only mommy out there who adores my kids and struggles with the tricky parts of motherhood all at once! If you haven’t had a chance to read along you can find all the posts I managed to write {i skipped a few days} HERE. Thanks  to the nester for this fun challenge and thanks to all of you for listening to my musings and my heart!

Cannot wait until next year…wonder what I will write about then!?!

musings-250halloween 2014

Also, how was your Halloween?

We had a crazy day of rain, a sleepy baby who wouldn’t nap, fun costumes, parades, parties, trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

It was fun and tiring.

This was our take on FROZEN!

our frozen halloween  10735441_284393428423402_1700778810_nDSC_0009 And my beautiful sister was Rosie the riveter!

rosie 4

Here they are at the school parade. Grant was a ninja by day and Olaf by night! Paigey loved being  Elsa! 8 out of ten girls did too! It was adorable!

10406732_10152802136077422_4556431794877116754_n 10406373_10152802133547422_1106543492182353302_n


{ten on ten & mommy hands}

If you are joining me for the first time you may not know that I am linking up with the nester  this month for a 31 day writing challenge {write 31 days}. I have decided to write about my musings on MOTHERHOOD. So with that in mind I wanted to take pictures that showed where my mommy hands work and move and play all day by linking up with a bit of sunshine’s {ten on ten}. This is a project that I love to do every month on the tenth by taking ten pictures of my day. As she says on her blog it’s a chance for us to see more: Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!


I see beauty in all the ways mommy hands touch the world.

Mommy hands serve all day and all night.

Pray all day and all night.

Wipe tears, play games, sweep floors, soothe souls…all day and all night.

DSC_0292mommy hands hold babes tight

DSC_0267   mommy hands make coffeeDSC_0287 mommy hands help make beds & tidy roomsDSC_0307mommy hands make lunch & nourish babes

DSC_0299mommy hands create beauty & light candles

DSC_0296  mommy hands organize and workDSC_0311  mommy hands open doors & close doors & remind babes not to slam doors

DSC_0321mommy hands help little princesses get dressed for fall festivals

DSC_0346mommy hands read books

DSC_0291mommy hands shut off lights & tuck babes & say good night

ten on ten button



{musings on MOTHERHOOD begins}

Day 1: So my 31 days of writing about motherhood begins!

I’m far from home at the moment but excited to be linking up with the Nester and hundreds of other blogger/storyteller types as we write everyday in October. I literally have a newborn in my arms and two sweet big kids fast asleep as I write this from my hotel room. I could not be more excited to explore this topic as I have a ton of thoughts about MOTHERHOOD during his phase of my life. So come join me this month and happy reading!

Day 2: skinned knees aren’t just for kids

Day 3: miracles

Day 4: teaching my kids to be brave

Day 5: embracing the camera

Day 6: coffee & showers

Day 7: life interrupted

Day 8: parenthood

Day 9: running in place

Day 10: I am not a park mom

Day 11: ten on ten & mommy hands

Day 12: mom’s night out

Day 13: sometimes it all falls apart

Day 14: it all fell apart again

Day 15: missing my dad

Day 16: motherhood is hysterical

Day 17: missed {due to motherhood}

Day 18: tired mama

Day 19: playing games

Day 20: dinner-time blues

Day 21: i cannot bake

Day 22: babies don’t keep

Day 23: lipstick mom’s

Days 24 & 25: missed {due to motherhood}

Day 26: postpartum elation

Day 27: parenting is not for the faint of HEART

Day 28: somedays i get ANGRY

Day 29: mom’s i love

Day 30: time thieves

Day 31: recap & halloween {posted a few days late}

musings 100



{musings on MOTHERHOOD & the Nester}

I’m linking up with the Nester again this year for her 31 days of writing challenge. Every year she hosts a link-up during the month of October. If you want to read a little more about me be sure to check back here as I will be writing about my musings on MOTHERHOOD every day in October. I’m in that sweet spot with a baby where my heart is gushing with thoughts and feelings about this Mommy role that God has given me. Hope to see you then.

And by the way…do you know about the Nester? She is awesome! I read her blog often and absolutely devoured her book {the Nesting place} during our summer vacation.

{here i am reading my book with my baby bump and some coffee…a great way to start a day}

IMG_2525Her book inspired me, encouraged me & made me think. I cannot say enough about it.

You may want to go read this book if:

you love to make your home beautiful,

you are paralyzed by perfectionism,

you have moved a lot & feel tired,

you are a renter who feels trapped by your circumstances,

you have budget & time limitations to decorate your space

or you just want to be inspired.

My favorite concept from her book is the continual encouragement that:

it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

Isn’t that encouraging? I love it. It’s so freeing and I keep thinking about it {even months later} as I move and work in my home to make it beautiful. i will read this book again and again.

So just go read the Nesting place…you won’t be sorry!

P.S. I will be out-of-town when the 31 day challenge starts and may not be able to link up properly during those first few days…as I may not have access to a computer…but trust me that I will do the challenge either way!


ten on ten {july 2014} & waiting for baby

What we have been up to: I actually managed to remember that it was the tenth on Thursday and I took my pictures happily for 10 on 10 all day. I have been pretty miserable. I’m very thankful that a sweet baby boy is growing in my body but pregnancy is very hard on my me and this 3rd one has been no exception. Between the gestational diabetes, insomnia and PUPPP {a really itchy and painful pregnancy rash} I’m officially over it. My days are mostly spent trying to survive and deal with the fatigue, aches, pains and itches {as well as trying to eat every 3 hours, test my blood sugar and drink plenty of water}. My sweet kids are having to be pretty independent these days. Paige is in love with listening to The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe and Grant is quite the Lego-maniac {and they are fighting a lot…but with mommy so “out of commission” I guess I don’t blame them}. The days are drawing closer to baby’s due date and I cannot wait to meet him! We still don’t have a name for him but we are hopeful that we will land on one soon enough! DSC_0169 DSC_0176 DSC_0200 DSC_0202DSC_0221 DSC_0248 DSC_0252 DSC_0327 DSC_0354  {i’m packed for the hospital…and ready…can you tell?}

DSC_0361{our besties came through on their way home from a long road trip…this little boy is so cute I cannot stand it…love him}

ten on ten button

Here are a few of the things I’ve watched, read, shopped for & listened to while spending my days resting. I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired {and entertained} me!

1. online shopping {for Baby & Mommy}: Zulily/Amazon {prime}/Target.com

2. reading & drinking: The Nesting Place/McDonald’s diet Sweet Tea {the only product I have found that does not taste like a diet drink}

3. nesting {setting up my favorite baby products}: Swing Mamaroo  4moms/Baby Co-sleeper Arm’s Reach/Blankets & Bedding Aden & Anais

4. dealing with my PUPPP rash: Coconut Oil/Pine Tar Soap {smells like a campfire but really helps with the itching}

5. watching lots of TV {especially in the middle of the night when dealing with my insomnia}: Property Brothers/Fixer Upper on HGTV & Magnolia Homes /Tree House Masters on Animal Planet/Food Network {Guy’s Grocery Games, Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen}

6. listening to a few of my favorite Pandora stations: Nashville {music from the TV show}/Waiting Here for You {no pun intended, I just love this song and Christy Nockels}

::for more specific sources click on over to my board at Polyvore.com::

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