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Dear Target, Method & Orla Kiely,

Wow. Three names with great taste! Target…you have impressed me yet again. Method…thank you for inventing this lovely scented hand soap, all-purpose cleaner and dish soap that truly do smell like a tomato vine. How in the world did you figure out how to make soap smell like a tomato vine? And how in the world did you…Orla Kiely…figure out how to make an everyday thing look so pretty? For some reason I did not get to indulge in the loveliness of late summer tomatoes this year. And our backyard garden crop didn’t do very well this year. Yet while I’m not eating my favorite fresh bruschetta these days I’m happy as I go about my kitchen chores and dream of their loveliness! Please come back to Target again next year!

Sincerely {and tastefully},


31 days (704)

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