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favoriteTHINGS Friday

If you and your kids have not discovered GEOTRAX yet then you must check them out. We build a different track every week around here. They are durable and similar to Lego’s in that any set will snap together with the next set. Also, all their cars and trains will work (some have remote controls and some do not).  They go from age 2 – 7 so we figure it does not get much better than that as far as a toy lasting!

It’s safe to say that we are in love!

This is the Radiator Springs/Cars set shown here, along with the original Timber Town (that comes with a cheesy cartoon DVD)!

paigeycakes cupcakes

This little “decorate your own” cupcake kit (made by Melissa & Doug) from Auntie Shannon is one of the best gifts ever. Every few days Paige wants to play with it and I just want to call her Paigeycakes when she does! If you have a little extra cash I highly recommend this fun kit. What a great little Valentine’s Day gift!
“I want to share with Grant…”
…or maybe not…
and another meltdown begins…oh well…it was fun while it lasted!
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