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This year I’m making something special for myVALENTINES…Over the past few years I have done some simple Valentine’s Day gifts for my husband and kids.This year they each got their own mail box and I’m filling it with little tags of love and little Dollar Store gifts every day for about a week. It will be thoughtful, easy and fun {oh and of course thrifty, as well}!

Also, we have two special ladies in our life that we love very much. I think they {Aunt Fifi & Grammy} deserve presents too! This year I had pictures, from our Disneyland Trip, put on a metal water bottle for each of them. It turned out pretty cute and they loved it!

A few fun idea for ANYONE:

Memory Candles and Vintage Photo Pillows

Here are a few more ideas for HIM:
Game of Love52 Things I Love About YouGet Lucky Dice

Here are a few more ideas for the KIDS:

THIS list is great!

And THIS homemade play-doh!

What are you making or buying this year?

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