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happy, happy anniversary to my favorite guy…

It’s hard to believe that our wedding day was 11 years ago tomorrow…so thankful for my man. I’m thankful for all of the ups and all of the downs that have made us who we are today. Looking forward to more ups {than downs} in the years to come! Here are several of my favorite pictures of our wedding ceremony and reception…there are a few things I would change about that day…but for the most part it was perfect! There is something so great about having everyone you love in one place…wish I could go back in time and soak it up even more! I’m also thankful for all the loved ones and friends who were a part of that day and who traveled from all over the place to celebrate with us. Ain’t love grand!?!

A Month of Traveling Panfi’s {SoCal FUN from last summer}!

This was a post I started last summer and never got around to finishing! We had such a packed couple of months in July and August…that I never seemed to catch my breath in September! We were back in SoCal being travelBUGS this week and thinking about last summer as we soaked up some fun and some sun {so I decided it would be a fun time to finally post these fun pics}! Enjoy!
 After our Santa Cruz or BUST trip last summer we turned around a few days later and drove down to Orange County to see our buddy Erik get married to his lovely girl Angela! We made it in time and had the nicest evening! Their ceremony was so personal and lovely from the music on down to the dresses & flowers! Their vows were heartfelt and I loved that they each said one little zinger about the other! The reception had a ton of creative and personal touches as well as In-N-Out burger for dinner {how cool is that}?! Somehow we did not get any pics of the bride & groom together {I think we were not thinking clearly from the high of a “night without our kids”}! However, I will never forget how genuinely in love they appeared and the beauty of Angela that night. As I felt when I met my cousin Cory’s lovely bride earlier in the summer, I must say that I was proud of Erik for choosing such a wonderful woman to spend his life with & I look forward to seeing them grow old together!

We were happy to stay at Aunt Ev & Uncle Ray’s house for the week leading up to another stop in Santa Barbara to celebrate the twins (more on that later)! We saw cousins and friends. We relaxed in the pool and napped by the pool.
It doesn’t get much better than that!

Last stop on our journey was in the Montecito hills…just north of Santa Barbara.  We spoiled my mom and her twin sister for their sixtieth birthday, hung out in a beautiful home with a view and spent a whole day in Carpenteria eating and being beach bums. More pictures of the weekend Twin festivities to come eventually!
A day of beach heaven

I think crushing a sand castle is as fun as making it! Don’t you?
It was a great way to end a month of Traveling Panfi’s…
{I will post more details about how we celebrated the Twins 60th soon…but that’s another story for another day}

The Blog Days of Summer {NORTHWEST OR BUST #1}

In June we hit the road for an amazing trip to the Northwest to see family and friends for a few days (for ideas on how to travel more easily with kids check out this POST)!  The drive to Portland is as beautiful as it is long!
First stop was Portland for my cousin Cory’s wedding!  We got to have a “family reunion” and relax at a fun hotel in Portland that was by the water and had a great breakfast (the Residence Inn RiverPlace)!
Cory (who is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever) and his lovely Bride Lisa were amazing hosts and made our entire extended family feel welcome in Portland and involved in the festivities.  Paige & Grant got to dress up and be a flower girl and a flag bearer. It was adorable to see them in their roles and see their personalities come out! The wedding took place at a unique & awesome venue:The World Forestry Center
Getting ready for the Wedding…
The Wedding and Reception…

The Reception Games…
To see some of their photographers pictures check out this blog post at: David Burdick Photography
And because I love taking pictures of food & fun…here are a few more…the venue, food, cupcakes, decor and dancing were amazing!

Breakfast the Next Day…
The food was great and the company was lovely but we Panfilio’s had a few issues.  The private area of the restaurant where we were eating with the wedding party was positioned in an open upstairs area with regular diners below.  Paige decided to drop her mini book over the balcony to “see what would happen…” When she finally got the nerve to fess up to what she had done I had no idea what book she was even talking about.  While I was picturing someone being smacked on the head with a large kids book I was relieved and mortified to see an unhappy bartender come upstairs and deliver Paige’s tiny 3 inch book to us with a look of hatred plastered across his face.  I managed an apology and thought we had dodged a bullet (considering it was a mini book) but before too long I was shocked back into “kids do strange things” reality when Grant tumbled over a small couch and smacked his head on the glass balcony. And when I say smacked…I mean smacked. My back was turned but apparently he was jumping on the couch and fell…landing flat on his back after smacking his head.  I impulsively picked him up without knowing how he fell or how he landed or even thinking of the fact that he could have hurt his neck.  Poor baby laid on my shoulder and then my sisters for over an hour. Kids just do weird things (and often when it is the least convenient time/place to do it). All in all it was a great way to see the family one more time before the festivities were over!

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